California Queen Mattress

California Queen Mattress measures 60 to 84 centimeters. California Queen Mattress is not of a standard size, unlike the California King Mattress. Few mattress makers might have a California queen-size mattress. The best way to find them is to look for them online. Because the California queen is not common in mattress stores, it can be difficult to find compatible fitted sheets for it too. We have discussed about features and size of queen mattress in this article.


Width: They have the same width as a standard queen with a further 4 cm legroom for the general public.

Depth: There is no standard depth in queen-size mattresses. The depth of a queen mattress may vary between 9 and 16 inches, like mattresses for all other bed sizes.

Frame size: Depending on the style, the California Queen bed frame could be between 62 x 86 inches and 65 x 89 inches.

Queen Mattress in Different Materials

Memory Foam Queen Mattress

Memory Foam Ideal for those who have a soft, gentle, sinking, and profound body contouring experience.

For side sleepers who need relief in the pressure on the shoulders and hips, I normally recommend memory foam mattresses.

Innerspring Queen Mattress

A great bounce could be for combo sleepers who have to change positions and move around.

In general, Innerspring California Queen Mattresses are firmer than memory foam, so those who need a little extra support could benefit from them.

Latex Queen Mattress

Latex Queen Mattresses have a similar memory spray sensation, but the material is slightly firmer and more flamboyant. Two types of natural and synthetic latex are provided, natural latex being the longest and environmentally friendliest option. However, synthetic latex is cheaper and a good alternative for anyone with a latex allergy.

Hybrid Queen Mattress

Hybrid Queen Mattresses combine the characteristics of an indoor mattress with a foam mattress. A Hybrid California Queen Mattress has a supporting layer for the spool and 2-3 centimes foam to offer a higher level of pressure and a greater bounce than a California Queen Mattress for memory foam.

Pros of Queen Mattress

The ideal dimensions: Queen mattresses are suited for one or two sleepers; they have a convenient size without taking too much space.

Accessible: Queen mattresses fall within a more reasonable price range than king-size mattresses when more expensive than a twin mattress or a complete mate.

Cons of Queen Mattress

Price: Queen size colors are less expensive than king size colors, but the price of a full and a queen usually jumps considerably.

Sizes: The queen size is a compromise between the full and the king sizes and may not be suitable for sleeping people with preferences on either end of the spectrum.

Further expenses: Those who upgrade to a queen of a different mattress will have to take account of the additional costs for new bed linen and a new bed frame.

Weight: If you move your mattress or flip frequently, remember that a queen will be harder to lift than a full or double mattress.

Not Available widely: It is not easy for shoppers to find a California queen-sized mattress